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About Nicole

After the death of her sister, Nicole left home in search of her place was in the world. She quickly found herself physically ill, having to battle tumors, and struggled with fainting and loss of blood on a graveyard shift job. She had a colorful dream one night that inspired her to make a “leap of faith”. After being rushed off in an ambulance, she decided to leave her job, and present her undeniably unique looping musical talent and powerful message to the world, starting only as a street performer.She has since become a recording artist, a speaker for TedX, a survivor of Fibroid Tumors, and is the Reigning Miss Black America 2016 - 17. As a first time pageant contestant and winner, Nicole designed and made her dress to show young women that beauty is often self inspired. In remembrance of her late sister, Nicole proudly uses her reign to bring awareness to the evils of domestic violence, and to inspire women to pursue their dreams with courage and faith.




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